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History of Saxlamaria Online!!!

It's all about the picture at "Our photo together".It's a play on words.
If you look the photo the small bird is me(Despoina) and the big one is Kuriakos.
Everything started when i received a e-mail from another friend of mine which had this photo.After then i started calling Kuriako "Saxlamari"*.I thought that that name matched perfect to Kuriakos!(Maybe this is the last time i talk to you!After this he will kill me!!!)
Then i became "Saxlamari No2" and Kuriakos was "Saxlamari No1".
This was the little story of the site's title!

*Saxlamari is something like a foolish or silly person.

Na prosthesw vevaia oti h parapanw wraia istorioula einai aplws h idea me aformh thn opoia phre to onoma to site!Ta Saxlamaria Online grafoun istoria sthn poreia twn xronwn kai tha to sunexisoun gia polu akoma...

pao 13

This is Saxlamari No1 speaking! After xountikes processes and because it was 2:30 and while I was enjoying my sleep Despoina woke me up gia kati pou borouse na perimenei...I'm sorry you will never see her again!!!

If you have a different opinion e-mail me!


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